Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rose-tinted glasses

ok.. this is gonna be last post for a while.. i got like 2 tests on next tues and 1 essay due on next friday... no shit.. no jokes.. sigh... and sitting on my arse lookin out of rose-tinted glasses is not helping anything at all.. haaha...

so yea.. just updating and i'm going back to hit the books.. -gag- 2 tests on the same day with an essay due 3 days later is not funny lah.. fully sick!!!

anywayz.. went to mambo red last friday.. when i get the photos, i'll put them up..

- update on my sweet sweet velvety rose.. still around and still looking absolutely gorgeous!! -

- this is the what makes the totally yummmmmmiiiiillliiiiiicccccciiiiooooooouuuuusss the one and only... "Flesh & Blood"!!! yes it's that wonderful shot i tried at Dracula's in Melbourne.. Beautifully smooth and yummzzz... and no i didn't pour it to show you why it is called Flesh and Blood because it's studying time not drinking time!!! priorities mate.. cheers! =P -

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

black fingernails red wine

ok so that song has absolutely nothing to do with my post, i just happen to have that song stuck in my head.. prob cos the blardy radio plays that about 3-4 times a day when I'm listening to the radio, can you imagine how many more times when i'm not listening?!? but it's quite nice.. i might just put u up on me blog.. hmmm.. now there's a thought..

as hot as nicole is, i'm actually getting abit sick of listening that song.. sorry nicole honey.. =)

not been in a very good mood recently and surprise surprise!! when i got home from uni today at 6, guess what i found waiting for me? no.. not a pile of dirty dishes.. lester bought me a beautiful white rose with pink rimmed petals.. absolutely gorgeous!!!! so sweet of him, he said it's just to make me feel better.. and he bought me a coupla of scratchies too.. yay!! lolz...

poor baby.. injured his ankle playing soccer, and have to limp around.. still so sweet limp all the way to buy me a rose to cheer me up.. hehee...

check out the rose!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

hate it hate it hate!!!!

***** censored *****

sharon's bday - swan lake

sharon's bday was actually last thurs but due to her very busy schedule, i got allocated sunday.. lolz.. no not really.. we chose sunday cos we're watching swan lake on ice anyway..

i forgot to read up on the swan lake story beforehand so wasn't exactly too sure what to be expecting.. with it being the first ballet performance i've ever watched.. the entire ballet was performed by imperial ice stars.. no dialogue, just poignant music, big gestures and performing through expression of dance through ice skating.. must say it's beautiful ice-skating... we got 2nd row from the front which is quite good cos for once u can see for urself if the performers are lookers or not.. haha... only a couple were not too bad looking, the rest very average.. but of course, you normally wouldn't realise that with seats further back and their thick make up.. haha.. the peeps in the first row were squealing and yelping every time the ice got shaved onto them.. like dOH, what were u expecting when u bought front row tickets manz.... -geez-

and nope, no photos of the event.. no photography allowed inside.. wat a waste, some of the scenes were really quite beautiful all things considered.. the choreography of the dances was an absolute delight.. we went with elaine.. after the show, elaine went to meet her frenz and sharon came back to my place for dinner, cake and finishing it off with a chocolate martini at capt stirling.. i still think they make the BESTest choc martinis ever!!

all in all, it was quite a good evening but ended off with abit of an upset with my parents.. still cannot understand why we, being a small family, have to make family life so difficult for each one of us.. sighz..

anywayz.. presenting the stone.. happy birthday! *toast* to ur 22nd!!

- choc mousse cake and red gerbera: the cake is truly chocolicious!! -

- make a wish!! -

- sharon and elaine -

- sharon = dinner? -

- sharon and me -

- gone after a choc martini?? -

- bottomed upped! -

- 22 and looking good; or is it the drink? -

- quick cut the cake!! let's eat it!!! -

- yummz!!! capt. stirling's chocolate martini!! wat more can u want? =P -

Sunday, August 20, 2006

cocktail party

last tuesday i went with jessie to attend the cocktail party held on a singapore navy ship that berthed at the freo port for a couple of days.. it was quite cool! haha.. i sort of represented lester since he was unable to make it back in time for it. i brought qing with me and jessie brought her housemate wendy. we were like the only 4 females there who weren't accompanying the male officers there.. lolz..

the ship was huge!! sorry i forgot to take photos of the ship from outside.. lolz.. the wind was really strong that night, so when we were not in the ship, my mind was more on getting in and out of the wind.. =)

capt tay brought us on a tour of the ship, hmm.. for what looks so big on the outside, it certainly was not luxurious inside.. haha.. like what were we expecting rite.. steep narrow stairways and many many doorways.. it was a total of about 8 storeys,4 up and 4 down.. we only toured the up..

i tried to take photos to capture the atmosphere of the party but lester says i wasn't' too successful with it..lolz.. watching the boys at the party, i kind of admire the camaraderie they share.. which brings me to another point, i still believe that peeps should enjoy the 2yrs of NS they have... just irritates the shites out of me when i hear boys bitching about their NS life..

anywayz... here are the photos from that night..

- the bridge: new advanced technology has removed the need for an actual steering wheel.. so sad.. -

- cadets and the girls!! -

- i like the cutlery display!!! -

- girls behind the control -

- jessie and capt tay -

- the crowd -

- the performers -

- tequila shots anyone? -

- "bar" for the night -

- qing, lieut-colonel david and me -

- toast to a safe voyage!! yam seng!!! -

- qing and me -

-qing and russ -

- the navy girls-

Friday, August 18, 2006


alritey.. i couldn't take it anymore with the previous layout so i modified one of the existing ones.. hope this is better for viewing ease lolz.. but i still dun quite like the structure..feels so i'll prob do somethin abt it in the near future, in the meantime it's gonna be like that for a while..

oh and due to popular demand, the vid is now pcd's buttons!! i still think nicole is SUPER DAMN HOT!!!! -drools- haha..

lester's back from singapore already and it's so cool.. he told me he saw a white butterfly at the wake when they were stayin the night for his grandma's wake.. the butterfly flew around the place for about 40 mins at about 5am in the morning.. rested on the bible they had opened in front of the grandma's casket and even rested on lester's feet.. so nice.. at least he knew the grandma came back to say bye.. i remember waitin at home for my paternal gran to come back but she didn't.. heard she went to anor uncles' place, they din see a butterfly but they smelt her presence..hmmm...

and 2 nights ago, i attended a cocktail party on one of singapore's navy ship which berthed in oz in transition.. went on behalf on lester, took some pix.will upload them soon..

today attended lester's uni soccer cup quarter finals and they won!! woooohoooo~~~ i was there to support, and it was freezing but i guess, the win was worth freezin my arse off..


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

after more tinkering!

finally!! after more tinkering, i think i'm pretty happy with it so far.. lolz..

special thanks to kerk and jx for their kind assistance!! =D

waddaya think?

Monday, August 14, 2006


check this out.. alex sent me this photo of madonna taken in 2002.

she looks good here, quite hot before she became way too muscular.. the good ole days.. hhaa..

off to a fresh start..

Hmm, the title doesn't seem too befitting.. considering that i'm left in my final semester in uni.. lolz..

but it is a fresh new look for my blog, and a fresh determination to blog! lolz.. thanks to ruth and alex for their assistance in making this a possibility.. cheers!!

oh and special mention, i'm very happy to have found darling ruthie after so long.. it's good to have her back! *toast*

i'm still looking around to fine-tune this site but at least it's got the workings of an actual blog finally!! hahaa.. and project phase 1 completed just in time to cook dinner too.. =P

so exciting, my baby's coming back tmr night, estimated arrival is about 12 midnight.. and of course, i'll be at the airport to pick him up! oh, i'll pick him up anytime.. heee..

baby's got a navy ship in town and there's a cocktail party tmr.. i'll be going with jessie and her fren, and the story is we're not gonna tell the navy peeps i'm lester's gf.. lolz.. if i remember to bring a camera, i'll take some photos ya..

and sharon's bday is coming up, this thurs to be exact.. we're gonna celebrate belated.. gonna watch swan lake at burswood theatre on sunday with elaine.. i've already ordered her cake, and NO, i'm not tellin.. it's a surprise lah... =P

o'rite.. before i sign off, here's presenting our matching crumplers!!

- mine -

- his -