Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 6

rise and shine.. it's the st skilda sunday market..
the boys got up to get a good look around..

me acting cute..

the market.. the stalls are just placed along the road..

the st kilda beach.. it's a lovely area.. heard it's very popular..

the famous luna park!

the goldman! hehe

"street art" cool mural..

who's cuter? robot or sam? hmmm..

after st kilda, there was still time so opportunity grabbed for more shopping!! we headed back to the city to melbourne central.. on the way, pictures of the library were taken..

melb central..

after shopping, we went to sambal kampung for dinner.. malaysian food.. ngoh hiang was good! yumz.. after that on the way back, we saw this homeless woman writing on the pavement with chalk.. so sad..


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