Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 1..

back from melbourne.. it was terrific!!! it was so good i didn't want to come back.. lolz.. anyway i've got tonnes of photos.. let them tell you how it was.. =) this will be even longer than rottnest isle.. lol..

day 1:

feel our excitement as we wave goodbye to perth and onwards to melb!!!! we are all smiles!!!

might i mention that with time difference and all, we effectively got about 2 hours of sleep that night on the plane..

we arrived melb at 6.40 am and left out bags in the hotel storage (too early to check in) and started our romp into melb!!! we just couldn't wait.. but being so early, almost nothing was open yet.. so alot of photos! lolz..

us sauntering down the streets..

too early in the morning puts ideas into one's head.. les got an idea abt breaking into the bank safe..

talkin about the bank, i didn't manage to take photos inside.. but i love the architecture.. it was gorgeous.. roman pillars, paintings on ceilings, very victorian era.. i like... =)

but the smell of fresh bread lured us to this little italian cafe tucked away in an alley between two office buildings.. the barista express.. i want to own a cafe like this too! cozy, warm and yummmy!!!

nothing perks u up better than the taste of fresh coffee... mocha to be precise, some chocolate to guarantee a delicious day ahead.. hehee..
breakfast is served! lester's big brekkie is absolutely yummy.. the grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.. OMG!!!! *drool*

i had vegetarian omelette.. maybe it was that magical morning, or lack of sleep, or the chef, or something but the omelette was absolutely heavenly.. it was tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.. the egg melted in your mouth! best brekkie ever!!

after being energized.. it's time for more walking and more photos.. hehe..
but first, my shoe... gotta ensure comfy walkin companions.. anyway, a very candid moment ensued...

check this out.. so cool.. hot pink pigeons in a bald tree!!!!

see that crowd in front of that tent.. apparently some radio show was there doing some promo thing, we walked by and got given free muffins from starbucks.. dunch u love melbourne.. hahahaa..

sam and me outside brunetti in the city..

flinders st station..

cross the road, we have.. federation square.. there's tv channels office here..

cathedral behind me is cool.. make poverty history yo yo!!

this is yarra river.. we even spied a news anchor doin the morning news on the opposite side!

we decided to start some shopping.. leaving the city, we went to smith st..

and so cool, we found this sensor-matic public toilet.. you can only be in there a maximum of 10 mins, then the alarm will sound and the doors will automatically open.. it's to prevent loitering or the homeless stayin inside.. the seats will retract after each use for cleaning, and u press a button to hav the clean seat out.. soap dispenser, water and hand dryer all automatic too!!

sorry no pictures of the shops cos we were too busy shopping to take photos.. sorry, serious business shopping ok.. haha

later that night, while waiting for kelvin to head on to lygon for dinner.. we took pictures with sarah's friends.. the 3 men that guard that corner of the street... o_O

kelvin and lester at tiamo 2 for dinner..

what day is complete without desserts at brunetti? their tiramisu is oh-so-yummmiiii!!!!!!

sweet dreams people... =)


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