Monday, April 16, 2007

rotto! full coverage for the uninitiated...

during the easter break, we hit rottnest island for a 3D2N stint.. it was a fab.. the isle is abt 30 mins away by ferry and all transportation on the isle is either by foot or bicycle.. only the eastern part of the island had streetlamps and 'civilisation' like the holiday cottages, accommodations, stores etc.. from about 1/3 onwards to the western point of the island it's just rugged terrain, beautiful bays, sea views, dried out swamps and land..the isle is a class a reserve!

the first thing we checked out at the island when we arrived was snorkeling equipment! with such gorgeous waters, we had to do it!

when we were booking the accommodation, we were late (easter break is realli peak units were open for balloting last nov!! =( ) so we could only get the dorm style rooms in the old barracks on the island.. we were walkin to the barracks when we overshot and walked.. walked.. walked.. before realizing our mistake and u-turning but of course we had to take pictures..

the long and winding road..

random bus hut.. but no luck.. carry on walking..

"wtf??" who's the tree kow-towing to??

nope, nary a single train did we spy on our 3 days there.. just signs n tracks.. lol

shipwreck spotted! there are about 20 shipwrecks around the island due to the reefs..

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's... a pelican... very big pelican..

as big as the boy!!

group picture!! that's me, les, darren and jessie.

ahhyaaahh!! swwooossh! the wushu master!

finally we arrived at the kingstown barracks..

to find our bags sitting outside unattended!!! incredible! they were still there.. anywhere else and it would have been stolen or rummaged through already.. *impressed*

we stayed in the sergeants' room, thankfully, we had our own ensuite toilet so we didn't have to use the shared facilities.. at least for me and jessie.. haha.. the guys chivalrously showered outside..

first quokka spotted! quokkas belong to the marsupial family, look like a mini wallabies or huge rats... haha..

got our bikes and it's time to tour the island!!

first stop.. but there were no tombstones.. those were the aboriginals sent to the prison there..
let's go to... bathurst lighthouse.. it's not the main lighthouse, just a small one..

the feet that traveth the island..

let us in!!!

c'mon everybody.. on the beat now.. it's the Y-M-C-A!!

end of day 1.. darren cannot live without his porn.. *rolls eyes*

Day 2... we went on a expedition to cover the entire island! the island's about 24 km in circumference, at least the measure of the distance we rode.. i was proud of myself! haha.. haven't gotten on a bicycle for abt 3 yrs for a proper ride, and it seems i was really working the distance.. hahhaa... first stop snorkeling! it was a first for me, shiiok!!

check out our catch! haha..

gorgeous bays!!

for fun times and good friends.. =)

love the sea breeze and gorgeous blue waters.. ahhh..

errr.. okay maybe too much salt in the air!!! makes strange things happen.. hmmmm

finally we reached the western point! worth every effort.. and i may not show u the pictures of the roads we had to travel, but it was not a smooth straight path.. it was rolling hills!!!!! my legs and butt were screaming for mercy when we were climbing the up-slopes.. *fainted*

we did it!

crashing waves and blue blue seas..

that night we went to their island cinema to watch ghostrider.. check out the 'outdated' cinema! lol..

day 3.. before checking out of the barracks, of course had to take pictures with the cannon!!!


last ride to the tallest point of the island.. their main lighthouse, the wadjemup lighthouse.

crawling up the steep steeeep slope...

view from the top.. we stay at the end of what you can see...yes the furthest point.. the lighthouse is in the middle of the island.. yes we cycled.. hahha..

my favourite quokkas caught in the act.. haha.. damn cute..

one last look at my favourite bay..

so that concludes our 3 day stay there.. cheers! =)


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