Saturday, November 25, 2006

sunny isle singapore..

okie folks.. i'm back in singapore.. gosh, the moment i stepped out of the airport, the gust of hot and humid air slammed right into my face with such force it knocked out every single doubt i had about the weather not being hot and humid.. uggghh.. showers minimum twice a day is mandatory and my sinus problem is back.. sigh.. tell me again why i love singapore?

my stuff's unpacked, the room's half packed.. i'm not through with dumping soft toys and old stuff.. starting to look for part-time jobs and stuff.. need the dough manz!!! arghhz.. christmas is coming, need to go shopping!!

okay, in the meantime a round-up of my final days in perth before i came back..

- Weishan in Freo -

- Delfie came to visit! -

- tiffany and her horsie -

- i love the trees covered with purple blossoms!!! -

- dessert at the margaret river choc factory after horse-riding-

- abalone cleaning after fishing it-


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