Wednesday, September 20, 2006

guess who's back.. back again... =P

aiight folks the lay-dee is back in the house.. haha.. sorry abt the missing action in here.. you thought i must have given up on the blog again rite?? admit it!! haha.. nahz, i was away.. -big grin- no no, nothing fancy (though it did burn a hole in ma pocket... ), les's family came here for the one week break.. they arrived the week before, on sat and i've been bz bz since.. haha.. went out every single day till they went home last sat.. let's see..

the sat they arrived, before we went to pick them up, we attended jan (les's cousin)'s engagement lunch.. loaded hubby i hear.. woohoo... les got a brand new digi-cam from his dad for belated bday present even tho his mama already gave him a red packet for bday.. some 6.2 megapixels with large display screens and anti-shock.. way cool!! i want one too!!!! =P then sunday, we went freo in the morning for a look-see, and we bought some lovely "stickers" meant for windows, tiles, mirrors etc.. i stuck them on my ibook instead.. set against a white background, gorgeous.. after which, we headed back to uncle kim's place for a family bday lunch for uncle robin.. the big 4-0.. there was such a large spread for lunch that we ate and ate all the way till dinner.. ::burp::

monday we headed to margaret river, stayed in falls retreat again.. ok, falls retreat isn't some fancy posh resort, it's just this big bungalow house in the middle of the forest.. the place isn't as spooky now that i'm there for the second time.. and being spring, the wildflowers everywhere were blooming!! even here in perth, i see the neighbouring folks have gorgeous blooms framing their gardens.. all wild.. gosh! lolz.. ok, back to the picture on hand, tues we went to the sunflowers farm and there were quite a few adorable creatures.. haha.. there was this black alpaca that looked so geekish with protruding lower jaw and a mop hairstyle.. samantha had a namesake there as well, a huge pig.. she was so amused she took photos of and with it.. a peculiar incident was when the farm peeps rounded up the pigs in the yard to get the male piglets separated from the rest.. the squealing produced from the piglets in terror as they were grabbed rather unceremoniously was god-awful!! for a moment i swore the other huge pigs were gonna stampede the fence to save the piglets!!! ok, but it didn't happen... i heard from the farmhand in question later that they were gonna castrate the male piglets, otherwise as they mature into adult male pigs, they become "ugly and smelly". exact words, i swear. hahahaa..

after that, we headed to olio bello (olive oil farm), vasse felix winery (i bought myself 2 bottles of theatre chardonnay, v beautiful with lovely fruity aromas as well as 2 bottles of late picked semillon, absolutely gorgeous!! ), we had lunch there too before heading on to yahava koffee and the margaret river choc factory..

on wed, we headed back to perth.. thurs went shopping at harbour town!! haven't been there in a while and the laydee went shopping-happy.. haha.. i bought handbag, clothes, belts, etc.. and uncle bought me a pair of sunglasses.. white framed with diamante sides.. very style.. hhahaa.. bought gabe 6 tees, cool designs.. haha.. i oso did some advanced christmas shopping, no telling exact items or no surprise!!! friday went shopping in the city.. got my first pair of havaianas, les bought me a v pretty pair.. metallic turquoise.. flashy!! lolz..

so the whole week was eat and shop.. :: expand :: =/ sat before they went back to singapore, we attended uncle robin's bday part (included his frenz this time)... there was this baby there, aunt cheryl's fren's baby, born of chinese and african heritage.. never seen a baby with such a big round head and huge huge eyes!!! and a shock of long curls sittin right on top of his hair, while the rest of his head was covered with fine soft baby hair.. he was adorable, seriously.. made frenz easily, didn't cry, v charming.. hee..

back to school now.. suddenly realised my uni life is comin to a close, in a matter of 2.5 months.. i'm already missing it, i'm gonna miss uni.. the actual physicality of it, uwa's campus is something of an old world charm to me.. i love it.. a mixture of old architecture lending a touch of sentimental nostalgia while the modern side of it keeps you grounded in reality.. the breeze comin in from the sea, uni facing mathilda bay.. there isn't anything like that at all in singapore..

gettin abit paranoid abt the finding jobs thingy and whether the education i've gotten is sufficient.. constantly feel like there's so much more tat i should learn to be equipped.. and i realli wish i had gotten myself a finance major as well.. dammit.. oh well, abit too late for tat now anyway.. thought of doing honors, actually i want to.. but dun reckon dad's gonna want to pay for another year, besides he's gonna misinterpret it as me wanting to stay back for lester.. geez... the trivialities of narrow minds... and since i want to do mba in future, i'm using that to make me feel better that i'm not graduating with honors.. still feel cheated that certain other unis graduate with direct honors... not fair!! then again, when's the world ever fair?

anywayz.. enjoy the photos below.. till next time.. au revoir..

- uncle robin, aunt cheryl and keisha -

- gorgeous dog! and he's onli 9 months old! barks loud enuf to split the ear drums!! -

- sam, meet sam -

- look!! i'm flying i'm flying!! -

- me and the joey -

- check out the alpaca! who does he remind u of?? -

- doesn't zac look so cool? that is, if he can manage to stay on without fallin off! -

- buy one bunny get the girl free! -

- you're on candid camera! -

- say cheese! a kodak moment.. -

- us at capel vale-

- N-o-o!!!!! Where is it?!?! -

- the 3 men in the chng family -

- us in the car -

- ahHA! i gotcha!! -

- yessir! -

- ::gasp:: who is that?? -

- sam and me, at the Falls Retreat in Margaret River -

- les and chng mama -

- don't they look so cute together?? awww.... -


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