Tuesday, August 22, 2006

black fingernails red wine

ok so that song has absolutely nothing to do with my post, i just happen to have that song stuck in my head.. prob cos the blardy radio plays that about 3-4 times a day when I'm listening to the radio, can you imagine how many more times when i'm not listening?!? but it's quite nice.. i might just put u up on me blog.. hmmm.. now there's a thought..

as hot as nicole is, i'm actually getting abit sick of listening that song.. sorry nicole honey.. =)

not been in a very good mood recently and surprise surprise!! when i got home from uni today at 6, guess what i found waiting for me? no.. not a pile of dirty dishes.. lester bought me a beautiful white rose with pink rimmed petals.. absolutely gorgeous!!!! so sweet of him, he said it's just to make me feel better.. and he bought me a coupla of scratchies too.. yay!! lolz...

poor baby.. injured his ankle playing soccer, and have to limp around.. still so sweet limp all the way to buy me a rose to cheer me up.. hehee...

check out the rose!!


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