Saturday, November 12, 2005

end of 2nd semester..

okay.. i noe i have been very lazy in keeping up with the updating of this blog... haha.. been relyin on lester's blog to keep peeps updated.. my bad my bad~

so will try to make a more conscious effort to update here from now on..

time realli flies, and it's nearing the end of my exam period of the second semester, somehow i feel that the academic term this semester really went by in a flash..

i'm realli hopin that my results won't be dragged down too badly by macro 234.. so i can maintain my overall average, i can apply for an overload next semester, and do an additional minor in strategic management.. *keep fingers crossed*

the stressful part is that the additonal unit to overload would be a law unit, specifically international commercial law.. heard the law units here have LOADS of reading and memorising to do.. doesn't help that the tutorials here are done in discussion style without a specific guideline to follow for a structured answer.. haha..

3 papers down, 1 more to go and then it's home-bound.. still haven't found an accommodation for next semester when i'm back since i'm moving out of college already.. will hav to return earlier next semester instead to find a place..

alrite.. i better get some packing started.. have one week to pack and study for my last paper.. mug mug mug...


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