Wednesday, July 13, 2005


2 more days to returnin to perth.. funny how time flies.. so fast and i've finished my first semester at uni, and come back to singapore for 2 weeks plus of winter break and in a blink of the eye, i'm goin back to perth to continue with my next semester.. but i'm quite proud to say tat i'm rather satisfied with my semester 1 results, 3 distinctions and 1 credit! gimme some love manz!! heehee... and my darlin lester has 1 higher distinction, 1 distinction and 2 credits! proud of him yea.. HD for Bahasa Indo! haha...

after admiring the benefits of les's blog to his family and friends, i think i'll convert this fledgling of a blog into one like his.. so much more interesting.. then can keep my dear friends updated on me.. hee..

packing up my stuff, i have apart from the clothes and shoes i brought back here, still have longjing tea, rose tea and a small glass teapot; toiletries (an abundance of it!!), new fragrances and etc... there's a possibility i might bring a small slow cooker pot with me but no guarantees yet.. haha... i haven't seen the pot yet.. also bring some dvds back so we can all watch some movies.. this time, is abit more different since sharon will be in perth too, albeit studying at curtin..

i think that's all for this update, will give more interesting updates in perth... haha...


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