Sunday, March 27, 2005


went out to sea yesterday with les, his aunt and cousin.. the yacht is like realli nice... quite romantic sittin in the front of the yacht with les, feelin the sea's breeze all around us and the view of the swan river as we headed for the indian ocean was quite intoxicating.. hee.. that moment was realli nice... and the way he sort of protected me from fallin overboard when the boat went bump bump against the waves was so securing.. heee...

we anchored at some island, there were like big fat seals sleepin on the island.. i've never stood so close on a isle of seals and watched them roll lazily on the sand.. when we swum back to the boat, the rockiness of the waves got me feelin quite bad.. motion sickness.. and he was there for me.. takin care of me.. went back to land abt dinner time and went northbridge for mee goreng and chicken nasi briyani with his cuz and her bf.. her bf's persian (les thot he's french) and drives a RX-8.. not bad the car, but i dun like yellow.. so.. haha...

today we went to his aunt's place for easter dinner gathering.. i sort of felt like i was back in singapore, had fried noodles, sambal kang kong and sayur lodeh and etc.. yummi!! felt abit weird at first but i was quite comforted by how he was so at ease with me infront of his relatives.. =P

i'm so happy! =D i dunno why but being with les makes me feel as if i can believe in everlasting love and he realli makes me happy... i realli hope this will last and last.. hee... like he makes me lose the sceptical view i have abt love..

3 cheers to love... =P


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