Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i don't want to miss a thing...

i think les is like so super sweet.. haha...
he woke me up this morning, made brekkie for me cos i was runnin late for school (i went back to bed) and walked with me to school..

bumped into him after my first lect and he walked with me to my next lect.. haha... then met him back at college for lunch, went uni together for 2pm lect and came back together..

then when i went to get the ebs notes from yee ching, he accompanied me along althou he was cursing and swearing about the hot sun glaring down upon us.. haha.. he's like the cutest thing.. stopped at the rec centre to catch his last 5 mins of soccer and he missed the goal because he sidetracked to look at some girl.. hahaha.. he was blardy pissed over it since the gal wasn't worth much to look at anyway.. hahaa..

came back to college after that.. i'm typing this in his room while he's away to soccer.. just now the song "i don't wanna miss a thing" by aerosmith was playing and he just held me in his arms, looked deep into my eyes and sang the entire song to me.. hee.. i felt so happy at that moment... is happy the right word to describe it? blissful? i dunno..

maybe for once in my life, i've found someone worth my time and love and whom i can rely on for the rest of time? haha... just started, too fast to think so far.. haha..

like every bruise or injury i get, he'll press a kiss on it to, like, make it better? daz so sweet.. hee... =)

okie.. enuf.. i'm oozing abt it.. and he's so unselfconscious, he could dance with me in the middle of uni.. such spontaniety! =D

i hope this works out and all goes well.. =)

friday we're goin out to sea with his aunt and cousin.. hee.. out to sea~~


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