Sunday, July 24, 2005

2nd week of uni..

1st week of uni has come and gone..

almost feels like i'm not realli back at uni yet..

been an eventful week i guess.. haha... been out with lester and his family the whole week.. went shopping, boy can his mum and sister shop!! haha.. and ate and ate.. visted various chinese restaurants and visited this restaurant called oceanus with a damn good view along city beach..

and les bought his car already... it's a 12 year old BMW, maroon red in color with sports rims and big tyres.. haha.. he, his uncle and his dad liked the car at first sight.. haha... collecting the car on monday..

was gonna do laundry today but the clouds were overcast and the sun didn't look promising so laundry is to be done tmr instead.. still haven't managed to get my calling cards yet but will borrow from del so i can call home later.. sigh.. made mum angry again yesterday.. she called when i was watchin the machinist n the show requires thinkin so i was kinda irritated when she wouldn't get to the point and all.. but i was rude and it was reflected in the tone, the irritation and she got pissed.. oh well.. sigh..

just finished printin lecture notes.. it's kinda crazy.. the lect's not very organised i think.. haha... and i'm not really understandin anythin yet.. sigh..

haven't paid uni fees yet and the stoopid international advisor, a chinese woman, blardy bitch... insists on charging me $60 for late payment.. wat the hell, i wrote in advance to request extension, she approved the extension and slapped me with a late payment charge?!?! and i thought she would be more helpful to the chinese students... pyscho-bitch and she can't even speak english very fluently... anywayz... time to sort out my notes..

got to help out at mass later anywayz....

till next................ adios..


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