Sunday, August 20, 2006

cocktail party

last tuesday i went with jessie to attend the cocktail party held on a singapore navy ship that berthed at the freo port for a couple of days.. it was quite cool! haha.. i sort of represented lester since he was unable to make it back in time for it. i brought qing with me and jessie brought her housemate wendy. we were like the only 4 females there who weren't accompanying the male officers there.. lolz..

the ship was huge!! sorry i forgot to take photos of the ship from outside.. lolz.. the wind was really strong that night, so when we were not in the ship, my mind was more on getting in and out of the wind.. =)

capt tay brought us on a tour of the ship, hmm.. for what looks so big on the outside, it certainly was not luxurious inside.. haha.. like what were we expecting rite.. steep narrow stairways and many many doorways.. it was a total of about 8 storeys,4 up and 4 down.. we only toured the up..

i tried to take photos to capture the atmosphere of the party but lester says i wasn't' too successful with it..lolz.. watching the boys at the party, i kind of admire the camaraderie they share.. which brings me to another point, i still believe that peeps should enjoy the 2yrs of NS they have... just irritates the shites out of me when i hear boys bitching about their NS life..

anywayz... here are the photos from that night..

- the bridge: new advanced technology has removed the need for an actual steering wheel.. so sad.. -

- cadets and the girls!! -

- i like the cutlery display!!! -

- girls behind the control -

- jessie and capt tay -

- the crowd -

- the performers -

- tequila shots anyone? -

- "bar" for the night -

- qing, lieut-colonel david and me -

- toast to a safe voyage!! yam seng!!! -

- qing and me -

-qing and russ -

- the navy girls-


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