Friday, August 18, 2006


alritey.. i couldn't take it anymore with the previous layout so i modified one of the existing ones.. hope this is better for viewing ease lolz.. but i still dun quite like the structure..feels so i'll prob do somethin abt it in the near future, in the meantime it's gonna be like that for a while..

oh and due to popular demand, the vid is now pcd's buttons!! i still think nicole is SUPER DAMN HOT!!!! -drools- haha..

lester's back from singapore already and it's so cool.. he told me he saw a white butterfly at the wake when they were stayin the night for his grandma's wake.. the butterfly flew around the place for about 40 mins at about 5am in the morning.. rested on the bible they had opened in front of the grandma's casket and even rested on lester's feet.. so nice.. at least he knew the grandma came back to say bye.. i remember waitin at home for my paternal gran to come back but she didn't.. heard she went to anor uncles' place, they din see a butterfly but they smelt her presence..hmmm...

and 2 nights ago, i attended a cocktail party on one of singapore's navy ship which berthed in oz in transition.. went on behalf on lester, took some pix.will upload them soon..

today attended lester's uni soccer cup quarter finals and they won!! woooohoooo~~~ i was there to support, and it was freezing but i guess, the win was worth freezin my arse off..



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