Monday, August 14, 2006

off to a fresh start..

Hmm, the title doesn't seem too befitting.. considering that i'm left in my final semester in uni.. lolz..

but it is a fresh new look for my blog, and a fresh determination to blog! lolz.. thanks to ruth and alex for their assistance in making this a possibility.. cheers!!

oh and special mention, i'm very happy to have found darling ruthie after so long.. it's good to have her back! *toast*

i'm still looking around to fine-tune this site but at least it's got the workings of an actual blog finally!! hahaa.. and project phase 1 completed just in time to cook dinner too.. =P

so exciting, my baby's coming back tmr night, estimated arrival is about 12 midnight.. and of course, i'll be at the airport to pick him up! oh, i'll pick him up anytime.. heee..

baby's got a navy ship in town and there's a cocktail party tmr.. i'll be going with jessie and her fren, and the story is we're not gonna tell the navy peeps i'm lester's gf.. lolz.. if i remember to bring a camera, i'll take some photos ya..

and sharon's bday is coming up, this thurs to be exact.. we're gonna celebrate belated.. gonna watch swan lake at burswood theatre on sunday with elaine.. i've already ordered her cake, and NO, i'm not tellin.. it's a surprise lah... =P

o'rite.. before i sign off, here's presenting our matching crumplers!!

- mine -

- his -


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