Monday, August 21, 2006

sharon's bday - swan lake

sharon's bday was actually last thurs but due to her very busy schedule, i got allocated sunday.. lolz.. no not really.. we chose sunday cos we're watching swan lake on ice anyway..

i forgot to read up on the swan lake story beforehand so wasn't exactly too sure what to be expecting.. with it being the first ballet performance i've ever watched.. the entire ballet was performed by imperial ice stars.. no dialogue, just poignant music, big gestures and performing through expression of dance through ice skating.. must say it's beautiful ice-skating... we got 2nd row from the front which is quite good cos for once u can see for urself if the performers are lookers or not.. haha... only a couple were not too bad looking, the rest very average.. but of course, you normally wouldn't realise that with seats further back and their thick make up.. haha.. the peeps in the first row were squealing and yelping every time the ice got shaved onto them.. like dOH, what were u expecting when u bought front row tickets manz.... -geez-

and nope, no photos of the event.. no photography allowed inside.. wat a waste, some of the scenes were really quite beautiful all things considered.. the choreography of the dances was an absolute delight.. we went with elaine.. after the show, elaine went to meet her frenz and sharon came back to my place for dinner, cake and finishing it off with a chocolate martini at capt stirling.. i still think they make the BESTest choc martinis ever!!

all in all, it was quite a good evening but ended off with abit of an upset with my parents.. still cannot understand why we, being a small family, have to make family life so difficult for each one of us.. sighz..

anywayz.. presenting the stone.. happy birthday! *toast* to ur 22nd!!

- choc mousse cake and red gerbera: the cake is truly chocolicious!! -

- make a wish!! -

- sharon and elaine -

- sharon = dinner? -

- sharon and me -

- gone after a choc martini?? -

- bottomed upped! -

- 22 and looking good; or is it the drink? -

- quick cut the cake!! let's eat it!!! -

- yummz!!! capt. stirling's chocolate martini!! wat more can u want? =P -


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