Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rose-tinted glasses

ok.. this is gonna be last post for a while.. i got like 2 tests on next tues and 1 essay due on next friday... no shit.. no jokes.. sigh... and sitting on my arse lookin out of rose-tinted glasses is not helping anything at all.. haaha...

so yea.. just updating and i'm going back to hit the books.. -gag- 2 tests on the same day with an essay due 3 days later is not funny lah.. fully sick!!!

anywayz.. went to mambo red last friday.. when i get the photos, i'll put them up..

- update on my sweet sweet velvety rose.. still around and still looking absolutely gorgeous!! -

- this is the what makes the totally yummmmmmiiiiillliiiiiicccccciiiiooooooouuuuusss the one and only... "Flesh & Blood"!!! yes it's that wonderful shot i tried at Dracula's in Melbourne.. Beautifully smooth and yummzzz... and no i didn't pour it to show you why it is called Flesh and Blood because it's studying time not drinking time!!! priorities mate.. cheers! =P -


Blogger Mangler said...


also don't worry lah i had 2 mid semesters last week. one i just passed and one i failed miserably. literally. didn't do two thirds of the paper


i have one more this upcoming week. NEVER STUDY AH. HOW

okie God bless you and all the best

8:22 PM  
Blogger - + = c a r e n e = + - said...

hmmm... is that ruthie? i din noe u had a blog acct.. lolz.. but the way the words are typed and phrases sure sounds like you.. haha... yea, been sittin at the table studying my finance these few days.. startin to look like something the cat dragged in..

not too hyped abt the exams and essay.. sighz.. but it'll be over soon..

aiyoh! 2/3 of the paper left undone?! playin too much girlie.. better study!!! good luck, study hard & smart.. hugs!!!

2:12 PM  

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