Monday, October 16, 2006

"i'll let you whipppp me if i misbehave... "

now listening to justin timberlake's sexy back.... i think the music is quite nice, good dance beat... just as usual with the pop songs nowadays there ain't any meaning to the lyrics.. lolz.. but it's quite cool how fashion goes a full circle, 80s is back with retro candy colours and disco music.. "get your sexy on.. go ahead be gone with it.." lolz!!

sighz... update abt the following weeks...

i've got like so many deadlines to meet these last weeks of uni... and it's all clumped together.. sighz... next week's the last week of uni, good or bad? haha.. good that hols are so much nearer but bad cos exams are the following week.. my exams commence 4th nov and end on 15th nov.. i get some time in between each paper so it's not so bad.. got time to breathe!! much better than last semesters killer.. haha..

del is coming next week so meetin her for dinner next fri, will take photos and upload..

so in the meantime, dun get too sad if u dun hear from me.. since i'll be home soon..

as for honours, have spoken to dad and he feels that if i can make the cut then it's good to go for it.. now next step, finding a bank to finance my loan.. hmmm..

anywayz, take good care peeps... till next time.. au revoir..


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