Saturday, November 18, 2006

exams are overrated..

yes the exXams are over.. hope they go well, most of it doesn't seem too bad.. oh hell, wateva.. i hate talkin abt exams.. the supposed joy and relief ur supposed to get from finishing exams, i think it's over-rated... i dun feel any different from before i took it.. but after so many nights of mugging, i can't sit still without having this feeling like i'm not doing something, mugging.. haha..

going back this coming wed.. i'm not too sure what i'm expecting from singapore.. of cos humidity and crowd and fast paced is very well understood.. been kinda letting the brain shut down since exams ended.. feel too tired.. too tired to even think, lack the energy to explain and argue my point of view..

went for the last bbq at matilda bay today.. and sorry i brought the camera but forgot to take photos.. i feel.. so lazy.. les has been making me sleep early and letting me sleep in late, but i've been getting weird dreams and i got a nightmare last night.. maybe i should stop watching thrillers and horror flicks.. hmmmm..

after bbq met up with his cousins for drinks and dinner, *totally stuffed and bloated*, they're coming to singapore in abt 2-3 weeks time i think.. one of the cousins in singapore is getting married.. they say when they come, we've got to bring them clubbing. lolz.. i think the list includes zouk, mos and cafe del mar if it's open by then..

going abalone fishing on sunday and gonna watch the redbull air race at south perth! so exciting.. will update on sunday with the events hee..

sianz.. utterly not looking forward to packing up my stuff..


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