Friday, April 13, 2007

back in perth

being back in perth it's been helluva whirlpool.. 15th day of cny we went to les's aunt mary's place for lunch.. we ate our bellies bursting! and there was still enough to tabao! =) apart from that, we were considering moving out but later decided to stay on.. property market is quite crazy now so the rent increased on our property too... clarence moved out.. i started tutoring at UWA for Int'l Mgmt.. the unit coordinator is a senior lead economist at WorldBank, he's damn cool.. imagine the wealth of experience he has, he's juz takin a yr's break from WorldBank to do teaching.. Had some worries and headaches over my thesis topic, but have managed to iron it out and found myself a new supervisor as well. now I have a topic, my thesis will be studying how leadership empowerment affects team engagement.. it'll be fun.. *cross fingers* i'm also in the midst of trying to find a job here.. will start applying for the graduate programmes but it'll be abit hard since i don't have PR.. but i intend to apply for it... so let's see how it goes.. time really flies... sigh.. oh went to a career fair the other day and i won an ipod nano!! god will surely supply all your needs? or is it wants.. hahaha.. now wat am i gonna do abt the other mp3 player lester bought me.. =p aiight talk abt summarizing 1 month in a post.. haha..


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