Friday, April 20, 2007


i went fishing for the very first time yesterday!! kenneth brought jessie and me to freo's south mole to fish... i was the onli newbie.. i liked it.. even though, 3 of us in a neat row hardly caught anything, and tat's already an overstatement, we caught nothing! there was this guy whom reeled in a fish everytime he threw the line in... like wat the hell.. hahaa..

i was jealous, but u noe.. being older, u learn propriety and know to keep ur mouth shut. but don't u love the innocence of kids? haha.. they have absolute liberty! there was this little girl, called taylor who was there with her grandpa, she made frenz with jessie and while the 4 of us sat down in utter fishlessness.. she had the audacity or shall we say, childlike exuberance, yelled at the guy to stop catching fish and letting us have some!! i quote "stop taking all the fish! i want to catch fish too!!"

and i was thinking in my mind, aye aye sister! go for it! ahhaa.. anyways.. the guy very nicely helped rig jessie's rod to suit the school of fish he was looting from.. and jessie decided to take mine instead cos the one she was using was the biggest.. (all rods sponsored by kenneth's private collection.. haha) with the "new" rod, voila i was catching fish!! not big.. just small ones, handsized.. boy was it fun!!

sure waitin for fish is boring but when u reel one in, the satisfaction far outweighs the wait.. we've decided to get our own rods and go again!! hehee... fresh fish is absolutely lovely.. take home, scale and gut it, immediately steam. sweet succulent flesh. =)


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