Thursday, April 19, 2007

fremantle street art festival..

ok this is a belated post.. it happened before the rotto trip.. haha.. it's basically 3 days where street performers from all over the world come to freo and sell their art. not artwork like drawings per se, but street acts.. let the pictures explain..

our foray into the world of streetart..

a statue that moves!! damn funny watchin him disturb passerbys and kids etc..

the english gents.. 2 blokes (whom I believe to be gay since they did not respond to my friend's charms!! and she's like an angmoh magnet!!!!) but one of them is quite cute with rippling muscles to boot..

check this out! no hands juz necks..

naughty naughty!!!

monkeying around..

check out the pose.. he says it's called a pancake.. and guess wat he said while in that position "HELLO BOYS"

ooh he actualli lifted the the guy on top from a lying position on the ground all the way up into a standing position, one hand only! damn! check those muscles out..

lunch time! marinara & 4 cheeses calzone pizza and chilli prawns!! yummmzzz

lorraine my darling with her octopus salad.. she's supposed to be on some diet.. lol

wat other way to complete a meal other than ice cream and the (almost) fat free type.. italian gelato!!

witness the world's strongest woman, mama lou! she can bend nails with fingers and behold! tear a blardy phone book in half!!

australia's own super hero, the super hooper.. that's about 20 hoops on her.. i think she can definitely score a job at hooters..

final show we caught that day was the firenix straight from UK..

something random.. check the dog out.. way too cool..

and the perfect ending.. a rainbow!! =)


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