Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's that week...

i've just collected the exam papers for marking.. you never realise how many people cannot read instructions till you've gone thru a pile of exam papers that have flaunted the conventions... sigh... i've got to get them marked and uploaded by the weekend.. good luck to me manz, there's papers done in purple ink, green ink and even scribbled in red ink... wtf..

les's mum and brother have also arrived today.. they're staying with us.. zac is adorable, grown taller and filled out more.. =) this sat, is their cousin's wedding. i've been drafted to help with reception... heard the wedding cake is 2-tier and costs A$500!! omg... *faint*

aiight.. hopefully by that time i'll have more interesting stuff to talk about.. and pictures galore.. and no, i haven't decided what to wear for the wedding.. lol..


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