Wednesday, April 25, 2007

arggh.. research proposal presentation..

next friday i'll be given 15 mins for it.. and now i'm still readin the articles to form my literature review.. or the gist of it. need to provide development of topic and cover all key authors in my topic has been researched.. stressed... =( dunch worry i'm working on it.. i always pull through.. i'm a survivor!!! =/

ps: love the belly dancing moves in beautiful liar vid.. i missss dance....


Blogger Lorr said...

Aye I feel like taking up belly dancing classes lehhh! i feel like doing so many things lah. So idiotic! But belly dancing is one of those on top!

7:46 AM  
Blogger - + = c a r e n e = + - said...

i did a belly dancing class the year before at the REC centre.. they still have it, you can join that if u want. it's not bad.. i enjoyed it, v fun.. but there's no follow-up to it, like no level 2 kinda stuff..

7:13 PM  

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