Sunday, May 06, 2007

research proposal presentation

smashing.. it was juz smashing.. lol.. the first time i remember ever being so nervous about presenting.. i seriously thought i was gonna be sick.. the butterflies in my tummy were threatening to break free, i kept telling myself to breathe.. breathe in, and out.. in.. and out.. lol.. no, it was not during, it was before the presentation.. i knew i was up against people as incredibly smart as me, wahahahaha, so it was no surprise i'm worried... but i had it rehearsed down pat.. so i guess, suffice to say, i did it! and i think it was not too bad.. i saw nodding heads as i explained my proposal, and had more than a couple of professors telling me i did well.. so i hope i see that reflected in the marks!!

not over yet.. this coming fri got another presentation & report due for course work.. and next week 2 assignments due.. then 2 weeks later my research proposal is due!!! time flies.. and strangely.. i love it! i love the uni academic experience.. never thought i'll hear myself say i love school, guess when people say uni can be a life-altering experience, they were right on the money!!


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