Thursday, July 19, 2007

edwin's wedding..

les's cousin edwin's wedding was at burswood.. we went early cos the tea ceremony was before the dinner.. it was a small dinner party, only 6 tables because the are havin 3 dinners at 3 locations, perth, sydney and china..

this is the tea ceremony with les's grand-uncle and grand-aunt specially flew in from malaysia..

the bridal couple..

les's mum and les's cousin coen..

GE and Edgar.. that's the bridal bouquet.. nice huh.. super heavy lah.. but alot of diamante so bling bling..

zacc very smart.. he went next door to the carnival dinner and scored himself some hot chicks... lolz..

we were at the reception helping out so pictures pictures.. =p

they ended the dinner with dancing!! check it out.. all the auntie and uncles, including granduncle and grandaunt dancing!!


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