Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 4 & 5

day 4:

the morning started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts!! check out the spread!!! don't they look yummy.. hee..

after krispy kreme, we went to collect the car we rented for two days and drove to DFO (direct factory outlets) in Essendom.. yes more shopping.. i bought for my mum and brother this time ok.. =p

after shopping, we picked sarah up and went for dinner at La Porchetta opposite queen vic market.. not bad..
then we retired to an early night to prepare for next day's trip to mornington peninsula.. lester went out to supposedly play computer games with kelvin at his place, but the truth of the matter? we had surprise delivery from singapore!!! kerk, foong and kingyau flew in that night.. next morning, kelvin woke us up and the three of them walked into the room.. talk abt surprise! for a moment, i thought i was dreaming.. hahaa..

day 5:
so they collected another car that kel had rented and joined us for the trip.. and we have the two drivers discussing road routes..

on the way the girls entertain themselves by cam-whoring and i grabbed opportunity to get 40 winks.. haha.. but there's always time for a commercial break! eat crunchy nut cornflakes!! damn shiiok!!!

arriving in mornington peninsula, first task on hand is to grab lunch.. so we went to montalto for wine tasting and lunch..

we had rabbit stew!!! this rabbit tastes better than the last rabbit i had (and no i dun make it a habit to eat rabbit)

after lunch, it's photos again!

tryin to be artistic.. lolz..

we took a look at the maze garden.. but didn't go for the walk cos raining so juz a pic at the fountain..

another winery..

this is actually taken in the toilet.. lol..

group girls photo..

group boys photo..

finally, brewery to the delight of the boys.. even the girls got into the mood..

drink again?!

after mornington peninsula, we drove back to melb.. no more cam-whoring.. all asleep.. zZzzz...
reaching perth, we headed for lygon st for dinner at papa ginos..

shorty's corner??

this photo was an attempt to take the waiter... cute meh? abit too scruffy for my tastes.. lol..

this photo of sarah is really an attempt to take the "chiobu" in the top right corner.. she's hot lah.. (taken by les haha)

fooling around while waiting for the food..

it has arrived!!! we shared a pasta sampler of spaghetti marinara, ravioli of ricotta with mushroom cream sauce and gnocchi in amatriciana sauce.. as well as pizza of half gino's special and half bbq chicken.. it was too much!!

went back to rest after dinner..... no dessert.. =/


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