Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 2..

day 2, we continued shopping!! this time, we headed to bridge road.. discounted outlets, shiiok! as usual, due to the serious nature of shopping, we didn't take pix at the shops..hee..

sam at bridge road with her buys..

after bridge road, we went to try lord of the fries! personally... i thot it was so-so only.. lol

we also stumbled upon magazine heaven, aka mag nation. it's got more magazines than you can ever imagine all at the same place, it's 2 storeys lah.. i think much more than library!! the cool thing is that they have a cafe inside, and provide tables as well for u to just sit there and read.. like borders..

back in the room, taking stock of today's shopping... subsequently, all buys were not photo-ed, as we didn't wanna shock ourselves.. *gulp* haha..

monkeying around before dinner..

then it's off to the crown.. yea, crown casino..

the men are hungry and want food.. the aged beef hanging in the window of waterfront is not helping..

but while the men are checking out meat, the girls are off to sweets! greco's has the most amount of desserts anywhere!! just check out the wide spread.. *drool*

but with such a wide spread, how's a girl to choose?? hence, we turn to the wise owl for advice..

after crown, we took a walk along southbank.. and captured this chalk drawing done by one of the street artist earlier on..

coming to a bridge, we took photos of the city night line..

we subsequently ate dinner at this little italian cafe recommended by Kelvin in Degraves st, it was good.. the place itself was lovely.. and guess what was even more lovely, the sticky date pudding.. sorry no picture, it was gobbled down too fast!! shiiiokz... =)


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