Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 3..

thursday morning.. we went to say hi to sarah's friend again.. lol.. while waiting for sarah & kelvin..

chinatown.. as u walk down this stretch, it feels like ur in hong kong..

we actually went chinatown for dimsum, but guess what. the restaurants were not open at 1030 am! they only open at 1130.. like, dim sum is supposed to be breakfast cum brunch kind of thing, not lunch people!! sigh.. but something to alleviate that disappointment, was kelvin's recommendation of maxine's egg tarts!! i heard sarah (or is it kelvin?) say that there is an actual maxine's in hong kong.. i don't care if there is, but the egg tart is divine.. lester didn't want me stealin his egg tart.. lol..

we ended up having lunch at a roast meat restaurant.. because it was one of the few open at 11am.. lol..
after which, we took a train out to the suburbs.. thursday is late night shopping.. exciting... shopping again.. lolz

kelvin looks so pleased with himself for taking a handicapped seat!! (ok ok, the whole area we sat in was meant for disabled people.. haha)

we went to chadstone shopping centre, recommended by sarah.. it's huge!!!!

check this out! all roads lead to chadstone.. haha..

this is some of our day's shopping.. lol..

after the day of shopping, we treated ourselves to koko black! yum yum yum.. hehe...

we ordered a chocolate platter to share.. and kel had cinnamon hot chocolate, sam had koko black hot chocolate, les had iced chocolate and i had chocolate affogato... pure pure bliss...

sweet end to the day.. hehe....


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