Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 7 & 8

we brought them back to barista express for the breakfast! they were happy and satisfied.. we also got the news from les's fren who helped him check results that he got all distinctions, making it an even happier occasion! so all smiles!

after that, we went to DFO Spencer since the boys haven't been to dfo and of course we bought some more stuff.. demonstrated by sam, we each bought a kate hill bag.. i like. heee..

after dfo, we went to the royal melbourne hotel for dinner and drinks.. les saw happy hour, $5 pizzas and beer..
while waitin for food, we went to explore and take pictures!! the place used to be some sort of jail i think, and they kept the jail rooms as VIP dining rooms.. hahaha...

ky trying to pick the lock and break free.. but *ahem* with a fork?

food and booze! cheers!!

we continued the drinking with drinking games back in the room but with wine instead.. it was fun lah!! haha.. =x

the damage: wines carefully tasted and selected at mornington peninsula.. wat a waste.. lol..

next morning, there were reports of fog in the morning. it even caused airport flight delays... we could see it in the city too..

we went for dimsum in chinatown.. before heading onto smith st.. the boys found a funky lookin shop!

after smith st, we took a walk thru carlton gardens and the musuem for photos..

boys trying to be models for the day..

at brunetti, the boys had too much sugar i think.. les sugar high..

someone tried to eat kerk!!

then it's back to the hotel for more drinking games.. but not before a stop for more booze and some girls.. he ran out of money after buyin the booze to go club x and needed donations! wahahha...


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