Thursday, July 19, 2007

melbourne: day 9 (last day)

today is the last day in melb.... we went for lunch at world restaurant & pub along southbank.. the food was not bad..we tried kangaroo steak and gumbo.. i won't try gumbo again, nothing fascinating.. paella and risotto is better.. but the kangaroo steak was quite nice..

after lunch, we went to the melbourne aquarium..

on the escalator down into the sea... ... (no not really.. )

do you dare to enter???

help!! someone save me from the snakes....

okay.. look closely at the 2 frogs in the middle.. they are.. mating.... discovery channel right here!

that's a japanese spider crab.. these weird things just have to be japanese.. foong likes.. hehee...

this is the horseshoe crab's underbelly.. it's the one of the few animals that has survived prehistoric times.. meaning they didn't go extinct and evolve etc... 'cos they are tough enough to protect themselves.. apparently, their exo-skeletal structure is more closely related to a spider (or is it scorpion?) rather than a crab.. cool..

and into the oceanarium.... *ta dum ta dum* jaws!!! no.. it's juz a grey nurse shark.. endangered species.. big and fat..

feeding time!! watch the giant stingrays practically wrap the feeders up.. *scary*

but something scary actually did happen during feeding time that we didn't manage to capture on camera.. the big fat shark got so enthralled by the smell of the food that it just simply took a bite and caught the feeder's head in her mouth!! thank god the feeder was wearing a helmet and all.. but there were a few heart-stopping moments, for us and the feeder.. so scary.. if the shark had opened her mouth bigger, she might have bit off at the neck rather than the helmet...

with the end of the melbourne aquarium, we took a walk to get chocolate churros and the guys went for more fries.. on the way, the guys saw this!! check it out.. liberated bookshop.. haha.. super dodgy...

the guys subsequently went off for soccer at uni of melb, leaving us to wander around and take photos in the uni.. those photos, i haven't received.. when i did will add it into this post..

then at 7pm, we went to the airport and arrived back in perth at 1040pm... i'm already missing melb.. maybe cos when we were there, it was so fun.. all the frenz and everyone hanging out together... now it's back to sch and sloggin again... which reminds me, for last semester's coursework.. i got both distinctions.. =D


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