Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i need a bridge over troubled waters... haha.. sorry that song happens to be playing right now.. kinda timely considering the topic of this post.. i dunno how lah.. i dunno wat industry i should apply for jobs for and which country... conflicting stories and advice from various parties.. but at the end of the day, it's really my decision and in a way, i don't dare to call the shots.. i think i'm worried that my choice may not be the best choice.. and sigh...

i've been saying i want to get a job here and gain experience as well as PR here.. however, to find a job here without the PR is quite difficult apparently.. and along with that, comes the problem of not being sure what industry i should enter into.. i thought i settled on consulting but then recently, i've been thinking of an old favourite.. hospitality.. i know hospitality industry back home, there's a stigma about it... but here, it's different.. better welfare and all..

but apparently.. there's a labour shortage in australia.. and if i was hardworking enough, i can work my way thru and up within 5-7 yrs.. but at the end of the day, do i really wanna do hospitality? or should i search for something else? sigh... i like hospitality and i'll have loads of fun in it.. but should i go down that path?


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