Saturday, September 29, 2007


haven't updated for quite some time...

so here's a brief update, will have photos up shortly..
1. new norcia.. day trip..
2. during the one week break we went on a caravan road trip up coral bay up to monkey mia..
3. fishing at narrows bridge..

spring fest this thurs..

and i was applyin for jobs here for fun and one of them called me in for an interview.. so it's this comin fri 1pm.. *fingers crossed*

now busy busy busy with thesis (due for submission in a month!!!! omggggg) and this coming wed i have a presentation to make for my advanced management class.. we gotta "conduct" a lecture to the class on a topic.. mine's culture.. lolz..

and to top it up, i've rekindled my interest for the game scrabble.. on facebook.. love it!


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