Tuesday, October 09, 2007


i know i've probably set some people worried about the prospects of me not going home, but i've decided to go home after all.. i'll turn down the job and be on the flight back on 17th november.. =)

so i'll see you all soon..

in the meantime i'm super duper uber stressed with my thesis!!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

torn between two...

well the interview went well, i heard that i'll be getting the job... now the arrival of this piece of news (although i haven't received the official offer yet) has left me unsure as to how i should be reacting to it.. well a part of me is like yesh! it was a success!! but another part of me is like errrr so how now brown cow.. do i come back and work here or go back home.. sigh...

background of the company:
small locally established consulting firm, revenue increasing by 60% annually, customer base spans domestically and internationally, looking to expand office into sydney and singapore in near future.. enthusiastic about grooming good talent due to short-staffed and australia's labour shortage.. they reckon with my ambitions and if i work hard, i can make consultant in abt 3-4 years time..

during the interview, i asked for salary range of A$3.5 to 4K. but the thing is with the pay here, there's income tax almost 20% i think, and i will have to pay rent etc.. so after all that, i'll prob be gettin abt the same as singapore.. just that i get the differential of having the overseas work experience. the work experience when i go back will increase my market value and the higher starting pay will give me leverage in negotiating for higher pay back home..

but how much really is that worth??? is it worth me stayin here another 3-4 years workin my way up to consultant before going back? is it worth not seeing frenz and family for that long? les is going back end of next year for his navy, so i won' get to see him too.. then i'll have to stay here alone.. sigh..

but if go back, what if i can't get a higher paying job?? they say the average grad gets about S$2.5 to 2.8 K starting pay.. my fren says accenture pays about 3.5 but what if i dun get a good job with prospects in singapore.. manz,. i'll be kickin myself in the balls for not takin this job up..

i just talk myself into a circle, round and round and i can't arrive at a decision.. how?!?!